Whether it’s a custom fuel tank for your hot rod or structural support for an industrial warehouse, your ideas and sketches mean nothing if you don’t have a local partner that can make it happen. At Fabmaster Welding, we’re exactly that type of partner and we’re proud not only of the number of custom fabrication projects we’ve finished for clients but also the range and complexity of the work we’ve done. 

Custom fabrication in southwestern Ontario is a service that requires a very high amount of skill, versatility and the experience to understand all the details involved in even a small job. Every member of the Fabmaster Welding team has worked in the industry for years and are fabrication professionals capable of working with steel, stainless steel, aluminum and much more to meet your exact needs.

Our welding shop in Ridgetown is completely outfitted with all the tools needed to complete the custom fabrication you need. MIG and TIG welding are a large part of what we do, but we’re also fully capable of CNC Plasma, CNC Machining, parts forming, and jobs of any complexity. Fabmaster Welding never shies away from a fabrication challenge and look for opportunities to show off our unrivaled ability.

When you need a fully accredited (CWB, ISO) welding company that can take care of your fabrication project, Fabmaster Welding is the name to remember. Call us today at 519-674-5343